Ready or not, winter weather is here once again. Are you doing everything you can to conserve energy? Here are some quick tips to warm your house and keep your heating bill down.

Aluminum Power

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Inserting a sheet of aluminum foil behind the radiator keeps precious heat from escaping into the wall. Try it out!


Is it Drafty in Here or is it Just Me?

Heat constantly escapes through the gaps between your house’s doors and windows. Applying weather strips and caulking will help plug any air leaks within in your home infrastructure.

Keep on Knocking

Shutting the door is a great way to conserve heat and bump up the temperature a few degrees. As you travel from room to room, be sure to shut the doors behind you. Otherwise, your heating system will be working harder than it has to.

Mister Happy Sun

The sun has always been the cheapest and most consistent source of heat available. Be sure to raise your curtains and let the sunlight into your rooms during daytime hours to warm your house.

Use Your Fireplace

The very first form of indoor heating is still as viable as ever before. Throwing a few logs into the fireplace is a great way to naturally raise the thermostat.

Use Your Stove

A warm oven is another great way to warm your house – as if you needed another excuse to bake!

Burn Candles

Any open flame is going to generate heat, no matter how small. Every little bit helps!

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