heating and cooling Prospect HeightsHeating and Cooling Tips for Prospect Heights & Chicagoland

No matter where you live, national statistics from the Buildings Energy Data Book of 2011 show that nearly 50% of your utility bill goes towards heating and cooling your home. This number may be even higher in Prospect Heights and the Chicago area, where bitter winters are the norm. For this reason, it may seem logical to simply replace your furnace – however, studies show that completely revamping your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC system) can save you upwards of 30% off each billing cycle.

Here are some other tips that can help you conserve energy and save.

Short-Term Tips

• Program your thermostat – Automatically setting your thermostat to stay low in the winter months and high during the summer months is a good energy-saving method that can yield immediate results.
• Adjust the temperature for your activities – Everybody likes a comfortable temperature during their waking hours, but you can save money while you sleep by adjusting the temperature before you go to bed. If you are away, set the temperature at whatever minimum will prevent structural damage (burst pipes, etc.)
• Release trapped radiator air – Air can become trapped in your radiator due to the repeated heating and cooling of water inside, thus reducing its overall efficiency and costing you money. Hiring a professional to release the trapped air for you can save time guarantee results.
• Place a radiator reflector between the walls and the radiator. This prevents heat from escaping into the wall, thus reducing the amount of fuel used to heat your home.
• Turn off all built-in fans (for example, fans in the kitchen and bathroom) after you are finished using that particular room.
• Keeping your blinds open during the daytime in the winter will allow natural sunlight to heat your home. Similarly, closing them during the night will help reduce the cool draft emitting from windows.

Long-Term Tips to Save
• Always be sure to select a modern HVAC system designed to save energy – New energy-saving technology becomes available each year, which is why it is crucial to pick a system that offers the most current options on the market to conserve energy.
• Check out the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings for whatever heating equipment you are considering. The minimum percentage allowable by national standards is 78% AFUE, but there are furnace brands that are rated much higher than that.
• Consider the life expectancy of your next system – Most systems have a lifespan of between ten and twenty years. When picking a system, try to strike a balance between the best features and the longest functionality.

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