Chicago winters are known to be exceptionally harsh, but if you take advantage of these helpful tips, you’ll lower energy costs in no time.


  • Weather strips – many Chicagoans can lower energy costs by weather-stripping their doors and windows. This will prevent chilly outside air from blowing in, and will also keep your heated air from blowing out.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan – this tip uses simple physics to save big. Since warm air naturally rises, setting your fan to rotate clockwise will push the warmed air downwards and heat the room.
  • Let in the sun – a Chicago house with covered windows during the day is missing out on the sun’s heat. Be sure to peel back the blinds during the day.
  • Keep in the heat – a Chicago house with its windows uncovered during the night is letting heat escape, so keep those same windows covered at night.
  • Furniture positioning – setting your furniture the right way will help you optimize your household’s heating. For example, furniture near the radiator is absorbing heat that could otherwise be circulating throughout your home. Another example is to keep couches and chairs away from windows, which are naturally cold in winter time.

HVAC maintenance – if you’ve followed these tips and you still haven’t experienced low energy costs, you may a problem with your HVAC system. Spending the money now to have your HVAC system professionally serviced is a great way to lower energy costs in the future, especially since you’ll use these systems for years to come.

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